and it's only tuesday!

the year is off to a good start, no?

evie is four. beans is somewhat calm. i saw my first ever NHL game--rangers v blackhawks in chicago. jeremy and i are getting married. there's a new president as of this afternoon.

how many "when hell freezes over" benchmarks are we breaking already?

angela engaged, check.
minority president, check.
the dog, calm, check check.

happy happy joy joy!


monday, monday

i'm thinking about evie, about evie being born and evie wrapped in a small flannel blanket tucked into the crook of my arm while i sat on the couch of the old house on allen and watched the inaugration of GWB. she was less than a month old, and even in that moment i remembered sobbing at nearly 9 months pregnant, so full of defeat and disappointment when john kerry didn't win. to be fair, it isn't as though i was excited about john kerry. i had just seen a third friend off to the war in iraq and i couldn't vote for anyone who wanted to prolong it.

so there i was, on the couch and pregnant and in great pain after having taken a tumble down some steps while conducting election endorsement work with a non-profit, sobbing because i could not believe i could work so hard and lose. and then, a few months later, little evie snoring and me watching and telling her i couldn't believe her first four years would be like this, with this man.

i don't want to forget it. i don't want to become lazy and complacent just because the best of the bunch won. if anything, we've got to try harder now, right? if there's a lesson here. it's the same it was when the vote was certified for GWB in 2000: don't get cocky. you lose when you get cocky (see: Manny Ramirez, unable to secure MLB contract this off-season.)

obama has what they call, in the NBA, "tremendous upside potential." but it's out job, isn't it, to stay on his ass and get him there the way i imagine izzo did with the flintstones.

so that's it, that's my thought: let's all be obama's izzo. let's push him to win it all, not just to bask in what is an undeniably lovely narrative with a lovely first act ending.


just to be clear

i don't want tax cuts, obama. i want you to forgive all student loan debts. ALL.

how much would that cost, compared to 300 billion in tax cuts? (that number may be wrong, my coffee buzz is waning and i don't feel like checking my sources. the irony, i know.)


the year that was

1) Where​ did you begin​ 2008?​
briarcliffe townhomes, jolly rd., with phil, lauren and avi

2) What was your statu​s by Valen​tine'​s Day?
angry and ready to break things.

3) Were you in schoo​l anyti​me this year?​
just schoolin' fools.

4) How did you earn your money​?​
hustlin'. ok, reporting, editing, etc.

5) Did you have to go to the hospi​tal?​
just for evie's stick-to-the-eye incident. phew.

6) Did you have any encou​nters​ with the polic​e?​

7) Would​ you reliv​e 2008 over and over again​?​
no. that's what my steeltrap memory is for.

8) What did you purch​ase that was over $​1000?​
actually, nothing. i am poor.

9) Did you know anybo​dy who got marri​ed?​
scott and debbie, peter and randi.

10) Did you know anybo​dy who passe​d away?​

11) Did you know anyon​e who had a baby?​
lots! but none more important than baby k :)

12) Did you move anywh​ere?​
i moved like it's my fucking hobby. except i hate it, and i suck at it. the boxes give me hives, i never pack, etc.

13) What conce​rts/​shows​ did you go to?
just tigers games.

14) Are you regis​tered​ to vote?​
since 2000, yo.

15) Do you still​ have the same job as you did in 2007?​
essentially, yes.

16)​ Has anyon​e betra​yed you in 2008?​
yes. but i'm not mad about it. i would hate to be a person that sad and delusional and desperate to do what she did to me. luckily i don't have to be. she does.

17) Where​ do you live now?
in the present.

18) Descr​ibe your birth​day (​week)​?​
there was a great poetry reading the night before my birthday. amanda and barb were there, and mags and ben and ells. it was the best!

19) What'​s one thing​ you thoug​ht you'​d never​ do but did in 2008?​
let go.

20) What has been your favor​ite momen​t?​
my favorite moment was when all the girls came to my house. i had all the important women friends in my life, from elementary school to present, and mikey there. it was a great weekend. (i agree...amanda's house, june.)

21) What'​s somet​hing you learn​ed about​ yours​elf?​
i can hit for power.

22) Any new addit​ions to your famil​y?​
in march there will be.

23) What was your best month​?​
hm. no best months, but i'd say monday and thursday nights from the end of april through the end of october were pretty grand.

24) Were you in a relat​ionsh​ip this year?​
this is a hard question. let's talk about it over coffee.

25) What music​ will you remem​ber 2008 by?
'read my mind', the killers; 'fire and rain', james taylor; 'karma chameleon', boy george.

26) Who has been your best drink​ing buddy​/​buddi​es?​

27) New frien​d?​
kyle wins.

28) Favor​ite night​ out?
i'd have to say brannigan bros. with mags and ben and the work crowd. awesome.

29) Would​ you say you'​ve chang​ed since​ the begin​ning of this year?​
yes. a helluva lot. and i like it.

30) Do you think​ 2009 will be bette​r or worse​?​
like the lions'record, it can only get better.


won't you look down upon me jesus, you gotta help me make a stand

signs angela is itchy for softball

In the Sounds of the Game video, Detroit manager Sparky Anderson was seen in the dugout, yelling at Gibson, "He don't want to walk you!" and making a bat-swinging motion with his hands, the universal baseball gesture for "swing away." Gibson got the message, and launched Gossage's next pitch deep into Tiger Stadium's right field upper deck for a three-run homer, icing the game and the Series for the Tigers.

thank you, kirk gibson's wikipedia page.

songs i loved as a child, pt. 1

heart, "alone"

wikipedia reminds me "alone" was released as a single in May, 1987, which meant i'd have just turned seven. and, i know, was listening to heart.

i remember being confused by the lyrics..."how do i get you alone?" now, my friends, i understand heart was working with what we call "multiple layers of meaning." how can i be with you if i want to be alone, how can i get you to be alone enough to be with me, etc. brilliant. sort of.

but the memory i associate most with this song (besides the sweet video and the "i'm rocking this guitar balls out but not really" interlude) is taping it from the radio. i don't know if i was taping that afternoon in the pink room i shared with my sister because i knew kirk gibson was going to be on the radio, or because i heard a song i liked.

at any rate, what i ended up with was "alone," with kirk gibson calling into the radio show just afterwards. now i can't hear this song without thinking of gibby, in his youth, the de facto leader of the tigers. the irony: i bet he HATES this song!